Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Source for Gilmore Girls Chocolate Quotes

Gilmore Girls is ending this season, but Cocoajava has immortalized some of their best quotes about Chocolate. Good to know that the CW's television writers have kept in touch with the simple pleasures in life:

1.04 - The Deer Hunters

MRS. KIM: What’s that? [points at Snickers]
RORY: Oh, that’s mine.
MRS. KIM: That is chocolate covered death.
RORY: With a creamy caramel surprise.

1.07 - Kiss And Tell

[Inside Doose's Market]

CASHIER: Oh, you girls having another movie night?
LORELAI: Yeah...It's Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
CASHIER: Oh, that's nice. Isn't that the one with Gene Hackman?
DEAN: Uh, Gene Wilder.
LORELAI: You're a Wonka fan?
DEAN: Yeah.


RORY: Got it!
LORELAI: Score! You know, on the one hand I'm glad it was in but on the other hand what kind of world do we live in where no one has rented Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?
RORY: Well we rented it.

1.10 - Forgiveness and Stuff

[Taylor and carolers enter Luke's diner]

LUKE: Whoa, what’s going on?
TAYLOR: Well we were caroling around town and we got a bit chilly and we thought maybe we could trade you a song for some hot chocolate.
LUKE: You want free hot chocolate?
TAYLOR: No no, we’ll sing for it, any tune you like.
LUKE: And then I give you free hot chocolate.
LUKE: Tell you want, you can have your hot chocolate, and pay for it, then go next door and sing for the marshmallows.

1.12 - Double Date

SOOKIE: [giggling] It was so funny. Oh God! Do you remember?
LORELAI: I remember.
SOOKIE: What was Rory, eight?
LORELAI: I believe she was.
SOOKIE: Oh god, that mud pie fiasco haunted me for a year! I mean, hers looked just like mine. Of course I used you know, homemade chocolate cookies, bittersweet ganache and she used well, mud. You know, but they did look damn similar.

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