Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chef Ramsay Rants Ravingly about Rubbish and Ronald McDonald

Alliteration is a beautiful thing. Actually, this article says the Chef Ramsay rants about burgers, but since the word "burgers" doesn't begin with the letter "R," we took creative license with this blogpost's title. On the other hand, one person's "Rubbish" is another person's "Crap," and Ramsay does use that word in his opinion below:

A rival's praise for the Big Mac raises chef Gordon Ramsay to boiling point.

The brash and confrontational Gordon Ramsay is as well known for his bad temper and four-letter outbursts as for his unquestionable culinary flair.

Now the Glasgow-born chef has picked a fresh target for his rage - the Big Mac. In a rare interview, he also offered a tantalising insight into the drive and ferocious temper that have propelled him from chopping vegetables in pub kitchens to a multimillion-dollar international empire.

But a few scores need to be settled.

Ramsay-watchers will not be surprised to learn that there's a history behind his latest outburst. In his attack on junk food, he rekindles his war with mentor-turned-nemesis Marco Pierre White.

White has just horrified the world of haute cuisine by claiming that the secret of his success was the Knorr chicken-stock cube. But it was his comments about the fast-food chain McDonald's that really enraged his fiery former pupil.

"From a chef's point of view, Marco is talking absolute utter crap," Ramsay says in the kitchen of his eponymous west London restaurant.
To read more in the New Zealand Herald, go here

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