Monday, May 16, 2011

Napa Chocolate Salon - June 5th

Chocolate lovers, en garde! only major chocolate show in Napa and Sonoma Valleys this decade takes place at the Napa Luxury CHOCOLATE SALON. Chocolate aficionados, fanatics, lovers and addicts can taste & experience the finest in artisan, gourmet & premium chocolate in one of the world's great culinary regions.

The 2nd Annual Napa Luxury CHOCOLATE SALON participants include chocolatiers, confectioners, wineries and other culinary artisans, such as: The Tea Room Chocolate Company, Toffee Talk, Permano, Dove Chocolate Discoveries, TOFFEEOLOGY, Monterey Chocolate Company, Kollar Chocolates. Salt Side Down Chocolates, Nicole Lee Fine Chocolates, Jade Chocolates, Landru Chocolates, Extraordinary Blends, Farm Fresh To You, TasteTV and more.

Napa Luxury Chocolate Salon:

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The NextGEN Science Fair - June 19th

TasteTV is pleased to announce the NextGen Science Fair 2011, the first and only event for Next-Generation Products, Technology, and Ideas, welcoming hundreds of consumers, thought-leaders, media outlets, buyers, speakers, partners, and more to San Francisco.

For professionals and family alike, the The NextGen Science Fair (tm) brings together under one roof 15-20 of the most exciting new and futuristic products, services, ideas, discoveries and content available now or very soon

Visit The NextGen Science Fair 2011 and discover the latest green, organic, biotech, artisan, design, app, gaming and technology consumer products that can improve your quality of life, your company's success, or your future. Meet the movers, innovators, advocates, and creators of tomorrow's products and sevices. Network, promote and partner with "Next-Gen Generators." Don't miss this unique opportunity. The future is coming today.

Seattle Chocolate Salon on May 14th

Chocolate lovers, en garde! The premier chocolate event in the Northwest this millenium returns with the 4th Annual Seattle Luxury CHOCOLATE SALON on May 14, 2011.

The 4th Annual Seattle Luxury CHOCOLATE SALON is the most prestigious artisan and premium chocolate and confection event in the Northwest. Chocolate aficionados, fanatics, lovers and addicts can taste & experience the finest in artisan, gourmet & premium chocolate in one of the world's great culinary metropolitan areas. Participants include Amano Artisan Chocolate, Intrigue Chocolates, Halletts Chocolates, Forte Chocolates, La Chatelaine Chocolat Co., Posh Chocolat, Seattle Chocolate Company, The French Quarter, CocoTutti, Taza Chocolate, Vibrant Chocolate, Blendissimo, the Tea Room chocolate company, Divine Chocolate, Goat Milk Candy Co., MDP Signature Chocolates, Precept Wine Brands, Honest Tea, Yelp, TasteTV and more.

Salon highlights include chocolate tasting, demonstrations, chef & author talks and ongoing interviews by TasteTV's Chocolate Television program. (Salon Entry includes all chocolate & confection tastings, demos, and more.
In addition, we are happy to add Keren Brown, the Frantic Foodie, as our keynote Speaker, who will discuss the release of her greatly anticipated upcoming new book, "The Food Lovers' Guide to Seattle."

The Seattle Luxury Chocolate Salon.

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