Saturday, May 26, 2007

TasteTV Toasts Chef Melissa of 2 for 10

TasteTV is on a bit of a roll

We just want to take a moment to congratulate Chef Melissa of "2 for 10" on her recent success.

Chef Mel decided to promote her TasteTV affiliation by issuing a press release about her program being part of the TasteTV TiVO Launch, and then her fortune took off.
  1. First, she was featured on YouTube's front page,
  2. Next, she was the featured topic of a newspaper article
  3. Then, she became a favorite 'celebrity chef' on mySpace!
  4. And below, as she is featured on the tv news in Philadelphia doing her thing
All within a three week period. How's that for New Media?

We hope to see more great news from her, and of course are happy to have her be a part of TasteTV when it goes national this summer with a weekly 30 minutes television program to local stations nationwide in over 70 cities.

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