Wednesday, July 19, 2006

We're Glad to be Aboard!

First, we, the producers of the How To video podcast, would like to thank TasteTV for inviting us to be a part of this exciting experience, and for letting us post to their blog! In our posts, we will talk about the experience of producing our show; discuss our philosophies on cooking, creativity and our business; and most importantly, with an emphasis on the easy-to-prepare and inexpensive, we'll share recipes, favorite foods, tips, and visit some of Madison, WI's most deserving hot spots.

I'd like to share a little about our show. HOW TO is an up and coming video podcast. Our hostess, Madeline, explores everything from the tried and true, to the newest and most exciting trends in fashion, fitness, entertaining, cooking, and so much more! We produce a food related episode about once per month, and for our submissions to TasteTV, we plan on adding a few "extras" that you won't get through our regular podcast feed. And next, a little about "us:"

About Madeline

Madeline has always been interested in media in all of it’s forms. She was the host of a local television show, was the 2005 Miss Latino Chamber of Commerce in Madison, WI, and has appeared on the cover of Madison Magazine. In addition, she likes cooking, crafting, and do-it-yourself projects.

Currently, she is focusing on developing and growing the video podcast, How-To, with Eric Wyeth.
Madeline lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her family and beautiful, obese cats.

About Eric

Eric has been videotaping professionally for over five years, and as a hobby since 1989. Apart from his roles as a Director of Photography, editor, director and producer, Eric also serves as a graphic artist, having designed many of the graphics seen on his web site, advertisments, and DVD menus. In addition, he also authors his company’s DVD content. Eric’s current interests lie in exploring opportunities in new media, specifically, the video podcast “How-To,” which is a collaboration between himself and Madeline Merced.

Eric works and lives in Madison, Wisconsin with his lovely wife, Judy, and his shy cat, Nova.

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