Thursday, August 09, 2007

TasteTV Announces Dark Dining in San Francisco

DARK Dining in San Francisco by TasteTV and Million Dollar Dinner takes you into another realm of dining, one where all of your senses are expanded and focus on the food, the taste, the sound, the company and more...because you are dining completely in the dark.

Dark dining is not low light dining, it is no light dining! TasteTV's food, wine and lifestyle editors have tracked this growing culinary experience across the globe and are now bringing it to Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area. During the evening, for two entire hours, guests will eat, drink, talk, and enjoy entertainment in complete and total darkness. The flavors and textures of thir food will take on an entirely new dimension, as will the quality of their conversation (or perhaps of their dates).

The launch chef for these events is Chef Lisa Hines, owner of the Bella Cucina Cafe, and associated with Bravo's Top Chef program.

A TasteTV Dark Dining Dinner experience includes:
  • A delicious Three-course meal
  • Wine carefully paired to go with your meal
  • Some of the best dinner companions you can imagine
  • TasteTV TasteMaker status for you and your food, wine & restaurant loving friends
  • Entertainment in the form of music, spoken word, and more
DARK Dining SF will take place in September on Friday evenings at 8pm, in San Francisco. Location information, and reservations, menu, and the chef's bio, can be found at the Dark Dining SF site, For information about TasteTV's San Francisco International Chocolate Salon, go to

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Mansi Desai said...

hey, this looks interesting!a new concept, but can u really eat in so dark??!!

btw, thanks for your compliment on my blog:)


Wicked Good Dinner said...

How yummy! (and pretty, too!)