Saturday, August 04, 2007

Jason Priestley and 90210 Wine Tasting?

Amy Rosen of the National Post in Canada reported:
Jason Priestley and Terry David Mulligan do some swishing and swilling at various wine regions as co-hosts of Hollywood and Vines, a new show on StarTV. The Barenaked Ladies' Steven Page is a Canadian oenophile who owns a piece of Canada's Vines magazine. A handful of Canadian celebs are dipping into the wine business. It all raises the question: Is this a recipe for deliciousness or are they corking disaster? Amy Rosen investigates

Jason Priestley's involvment in such a wine show is confirmed by Celeb Talk, Wine Expression, and TV Guides. The website for the program, which airs apparently now on the Travel Channel or Star-TV - maybe - is here

By the way, Wine Expressions has their own version of this type of show, which you can see here.

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