Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Gas Station Popup Restaurants

The Washington Post recently published an article by Astrid Riecken about the rise in quality dining establishments popping up at gas stations on the East Coast. The reasons are that the flow of people is constant, they are usually hungry, and the venue is pretty cheap to lease.

One blogger has taken this as a new hobby:

Al Hebert, a medical journalist who blogs at about his eating adventures, once ate Cornish hen prepared by a classically trained chef in a Chevron station. “The average person just fills up their tank, pays with a credit card and drives off,” Hebert said. “But if you just walk a few feet from the pump to the store, you might discover one of the best eating experiences of your life.”

Here is a Washington Post video about a food truck that not only is a popup at one gas station, but is planning on being a permanent fixture there and at gas stations across the region.

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