Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Food Network Magazine is actually not too bad

Okay, so we have to admit that we were very, very suprised by the first issue of Food Network Magazine. The cover is not really to our liking, and of course it's filled with their celebrity chefs, of course Paula Deen has some recipes in it that look good but might make your heart stop beating, of course there's some elements of Ladies Home Journal (sic) in it, but frankly.... it's actually pretty good.

They've added just enough 'news' and 'finds' and 'tips' and behind the scenes content that it actually makes interesting reading for some who probably doesn't watch too much of the Food Network any more. And that says a lot. It means that the Food Network understands they've got some new opportunities that if handled well, can really pay off in the end.

That being said, we'll wait and see if Issue #2 is as good as #1.

Rachel Ray, look out, there's a new foodie magazine in town

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