Wednesday, April 09, 2008

IHT Article: Selling Vodka with a Feminine Twist

This is an excellent article on how a country FULL of vodka, where EVERYONE drinks vodka is trying to position new types of VODKA with VODKA DRINKERS.

A marketers nightmare, perhaps?

MOSCOW: The vodka ads tiling the walls of the Moscow metro station's escalators abound with hypermasculine imagery. One poster for the Olymp brand in the central Tverskaya metro station shows a boxer with Cro-Magnon features wearing armor and chain mail, and carries the slogan: "The time for the strong has come."

Recently, a new billboard has appeared here, displaying a lavender-tinged bottle with a distinctive feminine shape, adorned in a white skirt billowing upward, à la Marilyn Monroe, to reveal the label, Damskaya.

"Between us girls," is the catchphrase for this vodka intended for women.

As the economy continues its skyward race, marketers are taking note of Russian women and the discretionary income they represent. Scores of seemingly unisex products, from cigarettes to juice, breakfast cereals and even mobile phone plans have adopted a feminine flare. A fleet of pink taxis with female drivers spares the women here the callous flirtation of male cabbies.

And now there is vodka for women.

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