Friday, February 09, 2007

Cooking Video Game from Nintendo: Cooking Mama: Cook Off

Let's admit it: few of our readers or viewers are young enough to have heard of this video game, Cooking Mama: Cook Off, but it is a very cool concept. Check it out, as reported by Go Nintendo!

Cooking Mama: Cook Off

One of the modes I am really psyched for in Cooking Mama: Cook Off is the multiplayer mode. You select a chef from a certain part of the world, the screen gets split, and it’s time for a cooking deul. First to finish without making mistakes is the winner. You can make mistakes, but apparently they hurt your score really badly. Click the link below for a rundown of the multiplayer details (including basic Wiimote movements), as well as a video of the mode in action.
OK, that may be a little technical for you, but still, we love the idea. We're just not sure if it actually has an English version. Oh well, Sayonara.

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