Monday, January 08, 2007

A 'chocolatey' midnight snack for dieters

This story is exactly why we at TasteTV moderate our dietas and stick to Mueslix, granola, and 70% cocoa chocolate.

Of course, that only works for certain chromosome pairings, from what we've read below:
"New Special K Chocolatey Delight cereal only works for women, or at least that's what its press release implies.

"What woman hasn't been there? It's late in the evening, the TV is on, and it's time for a little relaxation. Then, the desire for a delicious snack strikes; it's that critical time when even the best weight-management intentions can be easily derailed."

Kellogg's says it can keep women on a slimmer track with its new Special K variation, which features "lightly toasted rice cereal flakes with decadent chocolatey pieces," adding that when eaten with low-fat milk, it provides "a delicious, lower-calorie option," than most traditional midnight snacks.

First off, call us cynical, but when a normally yummy food ingredient's name is modified with a "y" at the end, there's a high probability it's made up of a lot of stuff only a research chemist can pronounce.

And secondly, we're thinking after few late-night bowls, you're going to be tempted to ditch the low-fat milk in favor of sprinkling this new Special K over a few heaping scoops of Cherry Garcia."


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