Friday, December 15, 2006

Jaime Oliver Cooks Road Kill Dinners?

Sometimes it's hard to really know what to believe. But according to this report from the Irish Examiner, celebrity chef (and former Naked Chef) Jaime Oliver is trying something a bit new in the kitchen (new at least for celebrity chefs)...

It’s unlikely to be a hit for children’s lunch boxes but Jamie Oliver is making a new TV show about the benefits of eating road-kill.

The BBC programme, by Oliver’s TV-production company Fresh One, features pioneering forager and road-kill chef Fergus Drennan.

His delicacies include badger meatballs, roast duck and wild squirrel stew.

But unlike the meals served up in Oliver’s kitchens and best-selling recipe books, Drennan’s all have one thing in common: the animals met their death on the road.

Drennan, 35, an acquaintance of Oliver, serves the campaigning chef’s restaurant Fifteen as well as celebrity hang-out The Ivy with freshly-foraged weeds, mushrooms, nuts and berries.

A passionate advocate of the benefits of road-kill, he wants to change Britain’s eating habits and stop people consuming what he believes is bland rubbish.

Perhaps, but don't expect to see this program on TasteTV.

And if the squirrel isn't quite dead, maybe a little squirell rehab?
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