Thursday, December 07, 2006

Celebrity Chefs - They Travel a Lot - In Style

Our favorite US-produced non-US based international newspaper has a great article on David Bouley et al:

For a celebrity chef, a 5-day moveable feast

MONTLOUIS-SUR-LOIRE, France Take one celebrity chef from Lower Manhattan with hair slightly more salt than pepper. Add copious quantities of passion for his bride, along with a lifelong obsession for organic ingredients and fresh food.

Place for five days with a selection of friends in a chateau owned by a countess and another owned by a French prince obsessed with heirloom tomatoes. No need for additional spice, but monitor carefully.

David Bouley may inspire imitators for his bakery and Manhattan restaurants - Bouley and Danube, which both have two Michelin stars - but the recipe for his wedding this week in the chateau-laden Loire Valley will be even more difficult to match.

"In my career, I've done more than 400 weddings for other people," Bouley said on Thursday evening as he hosted his fourth consecutive night of gourmet meals for more than 80 guests. "This one I really wanted to do right. Read more"

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