Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cooking classes today are as much about entertainment

KAREN HERZOG of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says that "Cooking classes today are as much about entertainment as they are about picking up new recipes." No argument there from us.

She also says that Milwaukee, land of beer and sausages, is now a hot culinary spot and cooking classes and hands on chefs are leading consumer tastes and time. Here's a particularly good quote:

A "traveling" culinary school now holds court in rural settings such as farms and orchards. The chef prepares recipes with a farmer's field or apple trees as the backdrop.

It's the Food Network in our own backyard.

But area classes offer students at least one thing that celebrity chefs on television cannot: mouthwatering food available for sampling on site, said Barbara Nieft, director of marketing for the Bay View Community Center, which has sponsored food and nutrition classes for more than 20 years.

"We are successful because we offer something Emeril cannot," Nieft said, alluding to celebrity TV chef Emeril Lagasse.

So when TasteTV says it's going to Milwaukee, you'll know why! (maybe Too Many Chefs, Stoned Campbell Disciple, Lakeshore Laments, and Paper Palate will help us set it up)

By the way, we really like the blog Paper Palate and the Well Fed Network.

As a follow up this post, "Milwaukee is Named 'Drunkest City.' us bit completely a bad thing, if no one his behind the wheel of car.

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