Friday, September 01, 2006

Mediangler: Taste TV - More Visual Web 2.0

Food writer and Mediangler contributer Haydn writes about TasteTV:
The number of sites that give practical advice to users is growing, we’ve already witnessed that. Taste TV takes it a stage further by adding class.

Taste TV is operated by a west coast publisher, TCB, with a stylish portfolio of lifestyle books and now with added chocolate (yes it too is a TV channel).

It won’t be the last but it is a good indication of where things are headed. In the UK IP TV applications have been sports-focused or based around local television. Lifestyle TV over the web is so logical it’s a surprise there aren’t more examples.

Of course there’s fashion tv but that’s really an insiders’ magazine and, I suspect because it is French in origin, it hasn’t been given the attention it deserves.

Taste TV is done tastefully with good screen design values but it also aggregates blogs, is a user generated site for uploading food related video, and it integrates professional content and restaurant reviews. It ticks a few boxes. Definitely one to wawtch.

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Online: is an independent Web site offering all kinds of food content, from blogs to video clips and cooking shows. Prepare to spend some time poking around.

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