Friday, September 01, 2006

The Cookbook Critic on Beef Bourguignon

The Cookbook Critic on Beef Bourguignon and the Barefoot Contessa (see picture), with a new recipe:
"A quicker treatment than the classic recipe for beef Bourguignon, which requires a long cooking time. This recipe uses slices of beef filet, which cook up very tender and tasty. The downsides: a 3-pound filet of beef is very expensive, and the recipe didn't make enough sauce."

In a totally unrelated story, TMZ reports on actress Kate Bosworth, of Superman Returns, that "Bosworth dined at trendy Hollywood restaurant Magnolia on Saturday with four girlfriends -- including pop singer Jewel and their stylist Jessica Paster."

What they say she ate (bread, water and lettuce) doesn't sound like it recommends the menu , but you might want to check it out. The story was reported also on Famousipod, and Jeff's Celebrity Gossip Blog.

Not to gossip, but we certainly wouldn't mind talking to Kate on TasteTV.

Magnolia is located at 6266½ Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, (323) 467-0660

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