Sunday, July 16, 2006

TV's 'upfront' ad-selling season limps to A close

TV's 'upfront' ad-selling season limps to A close according to And why is this? Basically because the viewers are going "on demand" to view what they want when they want. They're watching video iPods/iTunes, internet television, cable's Video On Demand, cell phones, you name it. They're just not as hungry to watch scheduled programming on television, at least that's what it says here:

"Advertisers are increasingly looking to other, more targeted media such as cable TV and the Internet to reach their customers. Also, Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), a major advertiser, is sitting out the upfront season this year to adjust its ad-buying schedule more closely with the budgeting process for its own brands.
"The market was soft this year, reflecting some movement of marketing funds away from traditional media to more emerging media," Tim Spengler, director of national broadcast at Initiative Media Worldwide. Also, soft demand resulted in a slower than usual marketplace, Spengler said. "In stronger years, there's more of a sense of urgency."

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